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Welcome to Global Medical Supplies – its great to have you here during these challenging times. There is a lot happening in the health industry right now so we would like to start by providing some background about our business.

Global Medical Supplies was set up in Hong Kong by a group of Asia-based European Expats in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent global shortage of basic medical supplies. At the beginning of the outbreak we received repeated requests from institutions asking for support with sourcing of medical supplies from Asia suppliers, which we were happy to do by tapping into our extensive regional networks. This initial network of suppliers stretched from South Korea to India, and we continue to add new suppliers each month as we expand our product offering.

Our mission is to provide a one-stop medical supplies portal that provides institutional customers with a hassle-free procurement process. We plan to do this by:

  1. Screening all our suppliers to ensure they are reliable exporters of high-quality medical supplies.
  2. Actively curating the product selection based on value to ensure a product catalog that is not overwhelming.
  3. Providing a fully transparent procurement interface where each order is track-able in real-time on our website
  4. Building on our logistics capabilities to enable delivery options most convenient for our customers.

In terms of our product offer, we have decided to limit it (for now) to medical equipment and test kits that are not consumed internally. This allows us to source and deliver more widely items that are not generally subject to strict regulatory approvals in both source and destination countries. This minimizes the hurdles we need to clear to get your order delivered promptly. Our intention is to expand our product offer only when we are confident of prompt delivery to your market.

Finally, please don’t hold back on any feedback about our service. We would love to hear what you want from us, so we can continue to improve our service to you.

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