Medical supplies sourced globally.

Medical supplies are everyday necessities for any medical practitioner, but every piece needs to do exactly what it says on the box. 

One-stop solution to bulk sourcing

GMS scours the world for reliable suppliers of quality medical supplies, so our customers don’t need to. Every item in our catalog is from suppliers we are confident will deliver a quality product every time, no matter how big the order.

Easy Ordering

Purchasing and re-purchasing of medical supplies should be a straightforward process of order, confirmation, and payment. Our team is natively digital and working with a mission to deliver the experience customers expect. Click to read more about our mission.

Decades of experience

Out team has been sourcing and distributing products across Asia, the Middle-East and Europe for many years. We have been through everything from wars and pandemics to economic collapses and IMF interventions. This experience and extensive network of connections gives us the nimbleness needed to deliver when our customers need supplies most.