How it Works

Apply to be a supplier

Any interested supplier is welcome to submit a request to register as a new supplier, as long as they have export-quality products and facilities.


After an application is submitted, a Sourcing Manager will be in touch to review each applicants product catalog and supply capabilities. Only reliable, export-quality suppliers will be added to our product catalog.

start shipping

After listing approval, each new suppliers products go into the online catalog for customers to browse and order. Each customer order is passed directly to the supplier of the product the customers selects.


New Suppliers Welcome!

If you are a manufacturer of quality medical supplies with international certification and have an export license, then we want to hear from you! Send us your details as the first step so our team to get in touch to review your products and production capabilities.

Product Data Feed

After approval for listing on our site, all suppliers have the option of setting up a simple product information feed with their updated product availability, stock-on-hand, and supply prices. This data feed can be as simple as a flat file, XML file, GSheet, all the way through to an API interface.

Pricing and Payments

Suppliers decide the pricing and payment terms to be displayed on our site for their products. Customers choose from the combination of terms that best suits their requirements. We collect all customer payments and pass them onto suppliers as soon as the funds are available. Visit our Vendor Terms and Conditions page for more details.